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Nov. 10th, 2010 | 01:45 pm
posted by: wiirenet in hp_chicago

Hello! Just wanted to share with anyone here. If you are near Chicago, or looking to do some epic traveling for a really fun time for the midnight premiere of Deathy Hallows. Check this out


My friends and I are planning to do a big Wizard March in downtown Chicago. People will be dressed up and acting ridiculous. We are walking from the Bean, to Navy Pier.

We have tickets reserved for a midnight showing. TICKETS ARE NOT SOLD OUT, not sure if my friend has updated the FB page. Feel free to comment here and I will get you in touch on where to get tickets.

Some of us also have a couple hotel rooms near the theater so we can either crash or party after. Ask for details!

Check out our group page, for some fun pictures of our gatherings or friend me, Annette Willman, and look for my HP Event pics.
You know you want to join us!

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