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Wizards in Chicago

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Nov. 12th, 2008 | 10:51 am
location: Chicago
music: Dreari Inferi
posted by: jensjourney in hp_chicago

Hi hp_chicago! I just wanted to let anyone interested know that almost a year ago now, we started a spin-off group called Wizards in Chicago as a way to meet-up with Chicagoland wizard rock fans and attend shows together, etc. We've since had several other meet-ups including Wrockstock, Wrock Chicago, Wrock Reggies, Bristol Rennaisance Faire, Midieval Times, Wrock the Boat and more. We've also just launched the Chicago chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, raised $200 at Wrock Reggies and held our first book drive at the Whompy/JFF show 11/2. We missed the NIU Con due to Wrock the Boat, but want to stay involved and connected with hp_chicago and all local events relating to Harry Potter. Please keep us posted if you plan anything and you can stay in touch with us on our Facebook group "Wizards in Chicago" or at our old haunt myspace.com/wizardsinchicago. Hope you are all well and take care.

Wrock on,
Jen Boxerman

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