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Chicago Slash Meetup

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Feb. 19th, 2008 | 11:48 pm
posted by: scarlet_malfoy in hp_chicago


Which of you crazy, crazy hp fans are slashers and would like to meet up in Chicago with me and alaana_fair? (You can be any kind of slasher fan... I'm H/D, myself ;)

We plan on having dinner at a restaurant in Boystown (which is, for you Prophecy-goers, the equivalent of the Church St. Area in Toronto... for everyone else, it is aka Lakeview) and then having a fun night scouting out the Boystown clubs and such!

Date: Saturday, March 15th
Place: Boystown! And the restaurant is TBA
Time: TBA, as well ... I think we'll wait to see how much interest there is and find a time that's good for everybody!

Please reply to this comment with a 'Yes!' if you plan to attend, and please include your email address so that I can keep you udpated! Thanks! YAYYYY!!!! ♥

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